Whole room remodeling can change the entire feel of your home. Changing the design of a main room such as a kitchen or bathroom can dictate the personality of your home.

Kitchens are often the hub of the home and should reflect the homeowner’s style. At PlusReno, we know all of the latest trends and tools that will make your kitchen not only beautiful but functional as well. Every customer has a different idea of what a lovely kitchen is, which is why our interior design team takes a personal approach with each customer. We want to find the details that are important to you and make your kitchen perfect for your family and their unique needs.

Bathrooms are the next important room in your home after kitchens when it comes to home value. We spend more time in our bathrooms that we realize which is why they should be comforting and relaxing environments. Bathrooms are also rooms in your home that your guests will remember as a testament to your home’s quality and cleanliness. Again, our interior design team will be sure to deliver all of the details you want, including materials and floor planning.

Basements and attics are spaces in homes that are often overlooked. We can transform all of that unused space into a beautiful, livable space that your whole family can enjoy.